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A royal welcome

Day 1 London, England


We flew in to London (England) today for a 10 hour layover before we make our way to Capetown.  I had found a company that did layover tours and so I had already prearranged for them to pick us up from the airport and drive us into the city for a few hours and then drop us back off at the airport.  It was a fabulous day I must say!  The weather was a bit cloudy and dreary, with some drizzling rain... exactly what I pictured for London so it was perfect!  All four of us were prepared though...seriously all four of us were wearing north face raincoats...I wonder if we looked like tourists.   Anyways we saw so many sights in about 4 hours.  At the start, the tour guide asked us what sites we wanted to see, and us three girls managed to rhyme off Prince William and Harry, Kate, David Beckham, and soon realized we were naming celebrities and not sites.   We  hit tonnes of major sites.  We walked around Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abby (church where Kate and Will got married) the Parliament, the London Tower and London bridge, St James Palace  and Square (Prince Charles office). The Olympics is here in a few weeks so they had put up the olypmic rings over Tower bridge which was really cool.  We had classic fish and chips which were delicious.  I had originally planned to have bangers and mash but Tyler informed me that it was just a sausage with mashed potatoes, not what I was imagining so I passed.  Luckily for Tyler, we only got to drive through the shopping district, while Simo and Stef drooled the whole way through.   It was a fantastic way to see the city and don't worry we made it back to the airport on time.  At the end of the tour we shot a short video clip for the company to put on their website, look out for it!  We're off again tonight for a twelve hour flight to Capetown.  See you in Africa.

Interesting facts
1) Big Ben is the name of the bell not the actual clock, and the nation is planning on renaming the clock after the queen as a gift for her jubilee (the bell is still Big Ben)
2) The London Tower is where King Henry had people beheaded every Sunday afternoon including 2 of his wives.  The saying "getting away with something scot free" actually  refers to the one criminal to escape... He was scottish..get it?
3) a 157 square foot apartment costs approx 1 million dollars in central London 
4) Picadilly circus is a square at the centre of the entertainment district, they have huge lit up billboards that Times square is based on, they have 75 theatres and 5000 restaurants 
5) Harrods department store has 330 departments in it
6) you know that a pub has freshly brewed beer when if has fresh flowers outside, so don't go in if there are gross wilted flowers out front
7) Tower bridge is commonly mistaken for London bridge since it looks so much nicer.

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And we're off!

Day 1, Toronto, Canada


So apparently we're making this a bit of a tradition and we're taking another adventure this summer.  We're off to Capetown, South Africa, Tanzania and Zanzibar.  We might not have very good access to the WiFi Internet but I'll post whenever we can!  We are currently sitting in the airport waiting for our flight and we have some friendly guests actually.  Stef and Simona (whom most of who know are 2 of my best friends) are actually going to South Africa so we'll have some friendly faces on our first 5 days of Cape Town (hopefully this means Tyler and I won't run out of things to talk about until even later this time around).  We'll check back in tomorrow when we have a layover in London.

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