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My Bachelorette (like the show)moment

Chumbe Island, Tanzania

Today was pretty much like yesterday except for a few new animal adventures.  On this island, in the mornings, it is low tide so the water is about 500m into the distance.  So we put on our water shoes and went into the low tide (I in search of star fish).  We found a lot of crabs that Tyler poked and prodded but no star fish.  After our little walk, we played frisbee on the sand.  Yes Tyler brought a frisbee and for all those frisbee-ers, he made me practice my fake -pivot-and flick, lol.  Our world record for frisbee catches is 51...try and beat that!  After about an hour the water starting coming in so we jumped in the water.  The water is clear but all of the sudden a large area became very dark (I was worried it was a whale) but Tyler ended up in the middle of it, and it was actually a huge school of little fish...like thousands of fish!  They tickled all around Tyler and I swear to you they were all jumping out of the water in unison, it was quite the scene.  We didn't know why they were jumping out of the water, but soon figured out that it was because there was a shark!!!  We ran our little hearts back to shore (even Tyler despite what he tells you).  We then watched this little scene unfold before us, it was very cool to see.  After all this excitement it was time for snorkeling again.  This time Tyler was on the hunt for stingrays (I not so much, you know, since they can kill you). They only attack you if you go after them, so they had told us not to go near the sand they are lying in.  Tyler did find one and told the guide and the guide went right up to it and poked it so we could see it swim away (apparently if you poke it from behind it can't reverse so it can't sting you).  Unfortunately we found 3 more.  And at one point, even with our wet suits on, masks and snorkels, I could tell what was going through his mind, he wanted to poke one too.  So I immediately shook my finger no at him and gave him the "don't even think about it eyes" through my mask and crisis averted :).  We spent the rest of the afternoon reading in the sun and playing in the waves (Tyler played for quite some time in them). We found a spectacular look out point to watch the sunset and took some cute photos.  Dinner was very nice.  They set up our table in the sand right at the edge of the island, on a cliff.  They had lanterns leading the path to the table, and our names written in the sand with "forever in love".  It was my bachelorette moment and I tried to ask Tyler serious questions like the bachelorette would but he didn't really want to play akin (for ex where do you see us in 5 years, lol).  After dinner we had one more adventure.  There are crabs on the island called coconut crabs and they eat coconuts and only come out at night. So during the day, the ranger put out a coconut so that tonight we could find one.  And boy did we find one...it was massive, I'm not joking, it was bigger than a soccer ball, and was blue and black, sooo creepy.  That ended our lovely day at Chumbe island :).

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